Managed services is a proactive approach to computer repair bundled with other IT services, into a flat fee monthly pricing structure. We have multiple plans to suit your residential or small business needs.

We can provide IT services that keep your systems running optimally and consistently. GEFNET maintains your systems and actively work to prevent system failures in addition to fixing current problems.

Many consumers and small businesses make the common mistake of waiting for disaster to strike and major computer systems to fail before seeking out IT support. These days, people are realizing the importance of having systems support in place before errors arise. It is always better to be proactive instead of reactive. The result? People are experiencing less downtime which means more time for you to do what is important to you and if you are a business it means being more productive and saving the cost of expensive preventive failures.

GEFNET's IT support plan customers run more efficiently and with greatly reduced system downtime. This helps their computer not only perform better but feel safer and more secure as well.

Managed Services success depends on 5 core components:

Monitoring – Ensures your computer/network is performing optimally and alerts us to any errors immediately.

User Help Desk – Support your users by giving them the ability to solve problems quickly. GEFNET is knowledgeable and ready to help keep your computer productive.

Proactive Support – Utilizes best practices and technologies that focus on targeting the root cause of the problems BEFORE they degrade service instead of reacting after the problem arises.

Preventative Maintenance – By performing regular, routine maintenance such as monthly health checks, patch management, software updates, backup verifications, and anti-virus update checks, we keep your computer running at its best.

Customer Involvement – We meet with each of our customers to discuss status and provide recommendations and give you a high-level oversight of their system. Additionally, each month we provide a service summary report if there was a problem to keep you informed of your computer's health.

If you think a Managed Service Plan would be right for you please give us a call at 217-960-4335 and we can discuss your needs this is perfect for a residential customer or a Small Business.